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G.I. Marine News

2016 Autumn update

We have vacated our Pier 21 Office of 10 years, April 1 2014, times are a changing with better communications and the need to be very mobile due to the location of our various points of sale, business as usual. Contact details  remain unchanged. 

G.I. Marine Ltd
PO Box 90-912
AMC Victoria Park
Auckland 1142



There is definite interest by several purchasers on at least 4 other vessels we have available from 50,000 to 395,000. 

We have capacity available to handle more listings, we assure you of a result and satisfaction.

Please contact us. 09 302 4199: 027 4921 676. 24/7.

We  recently received this email which we thought it would be of general interest to show you what toys other people have.

Click on the link below.